More sales for your shop

Purchase on account – the most popular payment method, particularly for online shops.

With Accarda as your partner, you can make optimal use of this payment method. Your customer remains your customer – at all times!

More sales
Fewer uncompleted purchases
No risk
Excellent customer service
Clear focus on the customer
Predictable liquidity

Accarda offers solutions to suit everyone, irrespective of the size, type and sales volumes of your shop.

Purchase on account is advantageous for every type of shop:

  • Online and mobile shops
  • POS of chain stores
  • B2C and B2B merchants
  • Solutions for specific industries (e.g. fuel oil suppliers)
  • Solutions for specific industries
    (e.g. fuel oil suppliers)

Important points to note about purchase on account:

Real-time decision-making
The decision about whether or not your customer meets the creditworthiness criteria and can make purchases on account must be made in real time.
Optimal acceptance rates
You want to offer the purchase on account option to large numbers of customers with good payment records, whilst making sure that you do not mistakenly refuse any good customers.
Risk of payment default and fraud
The goods are sent before they have been paid for. The risk of payment default and fraud must be detected and evaluated reliably in order to avoid potential losses.
Liquidity bottlenecks
The time interval between the invoice being issued and the payment being received needs to be bridged financially. The more customer-friendly the payment deadline, the greater the challenge in terms of liquidity management.

Why is purchase on account so popular amongst your customers?

Purchase on account is the easy way to make carefree purchases.

100% secure
Your customer does not need to reveal any sensitive payment data.
Quick and easy
Your customer simply enters his address data, without having to use his credit card or any other means of payment.
Financial flexibility
Your customer decides when to pay: immediately and by the payment deadline, or in multiple instalments.
Clear focus on the customer
Your customer does not pay for the goods until he has received delivery
and had the opportunity to check them. This establishes trust!
Fulfilment of customer expectations
Customers appreciate being able to use their usual, trusted payment
method in online shops as well.

Accarda offers you an entirely carefree package with immediate payment and full assumption of the risk of payment default.

As a specialist in payment solutions with over 40 years of experience in creditworthiness checks, risk management and invoice issuing, Accarda takes on responsibility for the entire purchase on account and payment in instalment processes.
This leaves you free to concentrate on what your business is really about, your customers and sales.

Authorisation system to
meet your needs
Optimised creditworthiness checks
in real time
acceptance rates
Prompt payment to you as the shop operator
Assumption of the
risk of payment default
Fair treatment of your customers even
in the event of payment difficulties
Efficient invoice management, incl. account management, limit controls
and issuing invoices with the shop logo
Accounts receivable management
and payment collection
Customer-friendly call center for customer enquiries about invoices. Partner care for you as a shop operator