Purchase on account / in instalments at the POS

Purchase on account / in instalments at the POS from Accarda meets customer requirements.

Many customers prefer paying on account – even at the POS – because it is their usual payment method that they recognize from online shops. With "Purchase on account / in instalments at the POS" from Accarda, your customers can make their purchase without cash or cards. Spontaneously. Securely. Easily. The customer simply has to indicate his name and address. He knows this information off by heart.

Your advantages as a retailer:

  • No terminal
  • No checkout system
  • No cash
  • Creditworthiness check on the spot, online within seconds
  • Straightforward handling

What's more: you obtain valuable customer data that you can use for customer retention purposes.

Your customers are given the benefit of the doubt by being allowed to test the goods right away. Customers also benefit from additional financial freedom. During the payment term, they are free to decide when to pay their invoice. The option to pay in instalments offers even greater financial flexibility.

"Purchase on account / in instalments – POS Standalone" from Accarda is the perfect, flexible solution for

  • Branches
  • Showrooms
  • Trade fair stands
  • Pop-up stores

Or wherever where your point of sale currently happens to be located.

Do you want to integrate purchase on account / in instalments at the POS into your checkout system?

  • The payment method can be integrated into any type of checkout software.
  • Purchase on account / in instalments will then be listed as a payment method and can be selected in the checkout system.

This is how it works: Handling at the checkout is quick and easy. The checkout staff chooses purchase on account / in instalments as the payment method, in the same way they would choose a card payment. The payment method is linked to the merchandise management system. Stock is managed automatically, no information needs to be entered manually.

Accarda will be happy to help you to program the interfaces. Feel free to contact us.

That's how easy it is to implement purchase on account / in instalments at the POS.

See for yourself.

What do you need as a shop operator?

An iPad or laptop
Access to the Internet / a browser
A printer

The Accarda solution is quick and easy to integrate: download the Accarda tool (available for iOS and Android), test it and get started.

Your benefits at the POS: no checkout system, no terminal, no cash. Yet your customers can take their goods away with them right away.