Purchase on account
with payment in instalments

Do your customers appreciate financial flexibility and want to pay for their purchase on account in instalments? That's not a problem with Accarda

Accarda offers the purchase in instalments option irrespective of the size, type and sales volumes of your shop.

Purchase in instalments is advantageous for every type of shop:

  • Online and mobile shops
  • POS of chain stores
  • B2C and B2B merchants
  • Online marketplaces
  • Solutions for specific industries
    (e.g. fuel oil suppliers)

Our instalment plan

Your customer can pay the invoice amount in a maximum of 3 instalments spread over 3 months.
3 months, 3 instalments max.

Our instalment model for B2B

Your customer can pay the invoice amount in a maximum of 4 instalments spread over 12 months.
12 months, 4 instalments max.

Accarda offers you an entirely carefree package with immediate payment and full assumption of the risk of payment default.

This leaves you free to concentrate on what your business is really about, your customers and sales.

Authorisation system to meet your needs (before or after offering the choice of payment method)
Optimised creditworthiness checks in real time for optimal acceptance rates with fraud protection
The connection to your shop works in exactly the same way as for purchase on account
Prompt payment of the full purchase price to you as the shop operator, irrespective of the chosen instalment plan
Full assumption of the risk of payment default
Instalment calculation and management
Efficient invoice management , incl. account management, limit controls and issuing invoices with the shop logo
Fair, professional accounts receivable management and payment collection while maintaining high reputational standards, even in the event of payment delays
Customer-friendly call center for customer enquiries about invoices and instalments. Partner care for you as a shop operator