Simple system integration

Integration options for your shop

1 Direct connection of the online shop via webshop plug-in
  • Available for a large number of software products used in online shops
2 Direct connection of the online shop via Accarda API
  • Use of the payment method via SOAP web services
  • Programming and integration by the online shop operator
  • Support from integration partners available if necessary
3 Indirect connection of the online shop via the payment service provider
  • Activation of the Accarda payment method with your payment service provider

Accarda offers purchase on account with a standard connection to many shop systems.

Accarda works with a wide range of shop systems. These shop systems have a standard connection to the Accarda payment methods (purchase on account / in instalments). Click on the logo to find out more about the shop system. A detailed description of the interface can be found here.

You know in advance what you and your customers will have to pay.
The charges are transparent – there are no hidden fees.

No set-up costs
No monthly usage fees
Sales commission depending on the industry, sales volumes and proportion of purchases on account / purchases in instalments
Electronic invoices free of charge / in principle, there is a charge for paper invoices
Flat-rate reminder fee for each postal reminder
No cancellation fees